Christmas Light Installation
Owasso, Oklahoma

Christmas Lighting Tulsa has been able to keep up with the ever-expanding Owasso residential and commercial markets, but that’s no small task. That’s why this year, we are proud to have an installation crew dedicated solely to serving the Owasso market and nearby communities. Many Owasso residents want to know whether they should choose traditional incandescent light bulbs or go with LED.
Although both lighting options have pros and cons, we wanted to provide some advice for potential customers to consider when making their selection. The traditional incandescent lights were chosen last year by Owasso homeowners for several reasons, but typically it was because these individuals already own incandescent lights and they wanted to save money.
If the homeowner already owns his Christmas lights (Incandescent or LED), we can install these lights at a discounted price. We also see Owasso homeowners select incandescent lights because they have used incandescent in the past and have been happy with the appearance of the incandescent bulb. Nine out of 10 Owasso installations last year (residential and commercial) went with LED Christmas lights. Simply put, the Christmas lighting technology has shifted from incandescent to LED over the past five years, which makes the LED bulb a superior product for consumers.
One of the main selling points of LED light bulbs is durability. This can make the difference of having your light strand and bulbs last you several years, which is important in extreme weather conditions. Our Owasso team will meet with clients before the installation and help the homeowners decide whether to use LED or incandescent bulbs. We can also provide clients with the two separate light bulbs to see which one they prefer.


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